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Hi there.   Welcome to yellow dog clay!  Please feel free to browse my site and contact me with any questions.

I work mostly in porcelain and all my glazes are food safe and dishwasher safe.

My work is is made for everyday use; user friendly!  My styles and building  technique change and evolve as I work. Through this process I hope to produce an array of interesting and usable items that capture your imagination and needs .

As I have said, my pieces are to be used  so they turn into your favorite coffee or tea mug, wine or whisky sipper.

All my pieces are handmade using a variety of techniques and skills.  The pieces are glazed and fired to a mid range temp 5-6; this firing makes the work durable and user friendly.

I hope as you enjoy looking through my website,  you will see the fun, humor and chaos

of the studio.